Interplay Volume 2: Recasting Edges

Unsettling and as it was revealing, COVID crystallized personal truths and underscored communal interdependence. How do we realize a better shared existence? RELM’s relaunch of Interplay explores visionaries, ideas, and policies rendering enduring and equitable design–imaginative in form—that transcend failed convention. In Recasting Edges, we discuss the philosophy driving UltraBarrio, an urban design, planning, and architectural studio in Houston, to rising success.

“Design can create more change for more people, communities, and living things by maximizing what we already have first.”
Amna Ansari

Principal, UltraBarrio

Interplay Volume I: Verdant Pleasure

In RELM’s inaugural issue of Interplay, we investigate the state of Los Angeles’ urban fabric, an essential quality to any vibrant metropolis. We posit the importance a quality public realm exerts on the branded experience of a city and discuss the successes and shortcomings of LA’s extensive development boom. We draw parallels to the catalytic public works projects of 17th century Paris that today, remain a gold standard for urban design and placemaking, and what changes Los Angeles can make to realize a verdant city of the future.

“Prior to the seventeenth century, the most celebrated European city was one famous for its past…[Rome]…Then, in the seventeenth century, a new model for urban space and urban life was invented, a blueprint for all great cities to come.”

Joan DeJean

How Paris Became Paris

METRO’S New Look

RELM sits down with Nick Saponara, Deputy Executive Officer, of LA Metro’s Transit-Oriented Communities Program to understand the agency’s intrepid vision and how its fashioning urban life, and urban form, through transportation.

“Transportation investments being made in the region today will have a transformative effect beyond simply increasing mobility. That change can be disruptive and exclusive or it can be intentional and inclusive. We believe that we have a responsibility—and duty to the taxpayers—to strive for the latter...transportation can be a bridge to opportunity.”

Nick Saponara