Interplay Volume I: Verdant Pleasure

In RELM’s inaugural issue of Interplay, we investigate the state of Los Angeles’ urban fabric, an essential quality to any vibrant metropolis. We posit the importance a quality public realm exerts on the branded experience of a city and discuss the successes and shortcomings of LA’s extensive development boom. We draw parallels to the catalytic public works projects of 17th century Paris that today, remain a gold standard for urban design and placemaking, and what changes Los Angeles can make to realize a verdant city of the future.

“Prior to the seventeenth century, the most celebrated European city was one famous for its past…[Rome]…Then, in the seventeenth century, a new model for urban space and urban life was invented, a blueprint for all great cities to come.”

Joan DeJean

How Paris Became Paris

METRO’S New Look

RELM sits down with Nick Saponara, Deputy Executive Officer, of LA Metro’s Transit-Oriented Communities Program to understand the agency’s intrepid vision and how its fashioning urban life, and urban form, through transportation.

“Transportation investments being made in the region today will have a transformative effect beyond simply increasing mobility. That change can be disruptive and exclusive or it can be intentional and inclusive. We believe that we have a responsibility—and duty to the taxpayers—to strive for the latter...transportation can be a bridge to opportunity.”

Nick Saponara