Urban Wonder

Wonder - however temporal - renders a lasting impression on our psyches. It provokes imagination and helps us to see the world from a different perspective. Landscapes provide a setting for wonder to occur, be it through conversation, art, or happenstance. While we might not author the moment, our work gives rise to greater frequency to experience wonder.

Urban Nature

Nature is as complex as it is serene. The challenge we face in terms of establishing adaptive landscapes into a sense of place is no small task. Seasonality, sensory stimuli, and biomes are all imperative, as is the careful consideration of site resources, soils, and hydrology. Our work looks to express the greatest level of ecological and experiential benefit nature can bring to the built environment.

Urban Mobility

Mobility is hugely critical to a successful public realm. Choice, access and connectivity contribute directly to our quality of life, and the greater health of our cities. The continued expansion of rail, bike and pedestrian networks is paramount to our work – both public and private development wherein we look to (re)align mobility with public landscapes as the armature around which great cities are built.

Urban Community

Commune and gathering are the backbone of our work, principles that drew us to the profession. Amalgamating culture, history, design, and site character to create a node for recreation, play, and wonder inspire us. Open space allows for connection – to others, to ecology, to oneself. It’s our mission to steward democratic access to open space and in turn, engender community spirit for all, everywhere.