Client Crescent Heights
Location Century City

10000 Santa Monica is a 40-story residential tower that transforms the skyline of Century City.

At ground level, a refined landscape composition invites residents into the project, while subtle juxtapositions of textures and color provide a dialogue with the contemporary lines and materials of the architecture. The podium courtyards wrap the south and east portions of the tower providing residents with opportunities to become immersed in landscape through active and passive recreational activities which include garden walks, outdoor dining, pool, spa and tennis court.

The plant palette provides a lush and inviting landscape that celebrates Southern California’s estate garden tradition. Climate-adapted, native and non-native plants convey the unique character of contemporary upscale residential landscapes found in Los Angeles. Familiar plants commonly cultivated in local estate gardens express a sense of timeless tradition, and distinguish the project from other luxury addresses found outside the city. Juxtaposed with these traditional plants are bold and dramatic accents that update the landscape character and appeal to contemporary tastes.

Rendering by Steelblue