Ju Liu

Ju Liu

Landscape Designer

Ju Liu is interested in design communication medias.  Facile in watercolor, clay modeling, diagram studies as well as Rhino and Grasshopper digital modeling, Ju aids design teams in conveying a project’s aesthetic vision.  Her goal is to convey a full sensory experience—illustrating what visitors might smell, touch, and see as they move through a site. Upon joining RELM, Ju has assisted in the development two large mixed-use projects: Paseo Marina in Marina Del Ray in Los Angeles and Park + Mark, a residential mixed-used project in San Diego. 


Master of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2014

Bachelor of Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2011

 ‘Relationships between objects are stronger than the objects themselves. For me, design is about exploring such relationships, best reconfiguring a site's typology and design drivers into a beautiful relationship.’