• Scott D. Baker PLA President LinkedIn

    Scott Baker is President of RELM. As a champion of urban landscapes, he has catalytically transformed the Southland with commissions at LAPD Headquarters, Santa Monica College, Long Beach Airport, and soon, UCSD’s downtown campus, Park and Market. Scott’s fervent drive to cultivate urban life has earned him tremendous recognition. He leads Metro’s largest TOC initiatives—Ivy Station, NOHO, and Crenshaw Crossing—masterful in transforming transit, mixed use, and urban nature into beloved landscapes. He is leading a variety of projects statewide: the New Natural Resources Headquarters, John Burroughs Middle School, and the Consolidated Car Rental facility at LAX after opening three of Los Angeles’ largest building projects in 2017: Wilshire Grand, Metropolis, and USC Village in 2017. Scott applies his sensibilities, strong in both urban design and landscape architecture, to projects of all scales and typologies including education, civic, transportation, and hospitality. He is a gifted public speaker and serves as RELM’s Managing Principal on projects.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph, 1995

     ‘Design isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you have to resist the purely creative process and allow public life to drive the urban form before you begin the creative process. You can’t just inherit a site and not question how things are connected.  I love the edges as much as I love the landscape.’


  • David Maestres Associate ASLA + AIA Principal LinkedIn

    David Maestres, RELM Principal and Director of Design, enjoys an extensive background creating international public spaces. He champions landscapes that invite clients, and their respective cities, to reimagine the interplay between planning, policy, ecology, optimal site performance, and public enjoyment. David was trained in architecture and pivoted to landscape design, desiring to activate public realms that seamlessly integrate street and building edge conditions into a cohesive and beloved social environment. David’s command of contemporary academic theory along with his business acumen have led to a distinguished career. Since joining, David has led the studio in securing high profile commissions including: LAX’s new Consolidated Car Rental Facility, DGS’ New Natural Resources Headquarters Building in Sacramento, Crenshaw Crossing, and two multi-million dollar modernization efforts for LAUSD, Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley and John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles. As Director of Design, David looks to grow RELM’s expertise in 3D modeling, visual communications, and spatial design.  


    Master in Architecture with Distinction (MArch II), Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2002

    Professional Degree in Architecture, Universidad Simon Bolivar, 1997

    ‘Spatial and sensory experience are paramount for me. How people viscerally relate to the physical and natural environment is what drives me as a designer.’

  • David Christensen Senior Associate LinkedIn

    David joins RELM with a distinguished resume realizing decorated urban parks across the country—Tongva Park, Navy Pier, and Fresh Kills. Trained in regional planning and architecture, David applies both site and planning sensibilities to project designs. These micro and macro lenses ensure social, ecological, visual, and experiential impact. At RELM, he manages several notable projects spanning geography and typology: New Natural Resources Headquarters Building in Sacramento; a 42-story high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles, 8th and Figueroa; and John Burroughs Middle School, one of LAUSD’s largest campus improvement projects. David excels in amplifying creative vision. He is one of RELM’s most distinguished client-team collaborators and project managers. Previously, he worked for James Corner Field Operations and SWA.

    Master of Architecture, University of Toronto, 2007
    Bachelor of Regional Planning, Missouri State University, 2001

    'For me, it’s all about people’s daily experience.  Seeing the public activate a landscape brings me tremendous satisfaction.  I take great pride in crafting well-executed open space, both formally and in construction.  But when scores of people immerse themselves in a landscape—playing, conversing, reading—I realize the most gratification.  Open space is for everyday living.'

  • Valorie Born Affiliate ASLA Communications and Strategy Consultant LinkedIn

    Valorie plays a dual role at RELM.  She leads the studio’s communications initiatives, be they marketing pursuits, specialty communications, or visual storytelling for project deliverables.  She also works alongside RELM’s senior leadership to curate brand strategy.  Drawing upon her fifteen year tenure securing commissions for leading A/E studios worldwide, she works directly with President Scott Baker to grow influence. She helps define client strategy and outreach, develops key messaging, and guides professional development for all staff.  She authored RELM’s identity and enjoys playing a strategic role within the studio culture.


    Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin, 1997

    ‘Even timeless designs have a point of view.  Brands—and their leaders—need to give voice to their point of view to succeed.’

  • Sally Reynolds PLA Senior Associate LinkedIn

    Trained in restoration ecology, Sally enjoys resolving the complexities that occur at the intersection of the built and natural environment, finding resolution through landscape’s performative qualities. She strives to connect communities with their surrounding natural environment, amplifying nature to promote social and ecological wellbeing.

    Sally joins RELM after a decorated ten-year career working for OLIN and Andropogon. She is versant across multiple scales and typologies. Currently, she is leading RELM’s 83-acre park effort for The Creek at Dominguez Hills having just completed the Apple Campus 2 site, a 175-acre site, serving as chief plant designer while at OLIN. She is also directing the design for ConRac, a new 73-acre gateway landscape at LAX in addition to three Kaiser Permanente medical campuses. Throughout her career, she has worked on multiple master plans for academic campuses, civic neighborhoods, and agricultural landscapes, collaborating closely with communities to ensure design outcomes embody local values and vernacular. Projects include Drexel University, Franklin and Marshall College, the historic neighborhood of Mt. Vernon, Maryland, and Colchester Farms.

    Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2008
    Bachelor of Arts - Integrative Biology and Dance, University of California, Berkeley, 2000

    ‘Future generations are really our ultimate clients. I aim to create places that generate lasting relationships with the natural world.’

  • John Harper Associate LinkedIn

    John brings a global understanding of urbanization, community, and environmental stewardship to RELM after practicing in both Australia and China. During his ten-year career, John has designed complex transit and infrastructure projects, as well as performative landscapes for several K-12 campuses. At RELM, he leads a variety project typologies, spanning scale and geography including an extensive intervention at Amgen’s corporate campus in Thousand Oaks, a $200 million reinvestment at John Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, and one of Metro’s most significant P3 projects in Los Angeles County, Crenshaw Crossing. John is a gifted communicator and puts people at the center of all his work, professionally and through his landscape designs, believing the built environment can improve health and happiness.


    Master of Social Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2009

    Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2007

    Registered Landscape Architect in Australia.

    ‘Landscape Architecture is not an accidental career, to be good at what we do we must care deeply about the environment and the people who inhabit it. I fight for every inch of open space, and for every tree.’


  • Luning Li Associate LinkedIn

    Luning (Luna) Li is one of RELM’s most accomplished designers. Adeptly facile in concept ideation and project documentation, Luna assists design principals in the realization of significant landscape projects. She has been instrumental in winning two highly coveted design competitions: the New Natural Resources Headquarters Building in Sacramento and LAX’s consolidated car rental facility (CONRAC), a 73-acre project showcasing a signature gateway landscape. She is now leading many components of The Creek, an 87-acre park for the City of Carson, along with smaller urban infill projects throughout Los Angeles.

    Prior to RELM, Luna worked for OLIN and AECOM helping earn national design awards for 30th Street Station Master Plan in Philadelphia (2017) and another for Wolong Lake Waterfront Park in Shanghai (2015). Luna is fluent designing across scale and typology. She draws beautifully and enjoys utilizing multiple 2D+3D design and animation software programs.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Southern California 2012

    Bachelor of Art, Environmental Art & Design, Tsinghua University 2010

    ‘Landscape architecture comprehensively improves urban life. It resolves many key questions related to mobility and settlement; anchors people to place by creating destinations; and ultimately uplifts the social energy of urban centers.  Landscape is the life line to how we live.’

  • Bio

    Chad joined RELM in 2012. His passion for project management and coordinating with large, multi-disciplinary design teams has enabled him to lead several marquee commissions including Ivy Station, a 5.2-acre mixed-use transit-oriented development adjacent to the Expo Line station in Culver City scheduled to open in 2020, ConRac, a 73-acre gateway landscape at LAX as well as 3200 East Foothill Boulevard. One of Pasadena’s largest mixed-use developments, this 9-acre site (a former naval property) will house 550 mixed rate apartments, 2-acres of open space, and 9,800 SF of retail fronting Foothill Boulevard. One goal of the project is to expand the city’s urban grid into the site to ensure it’s continuity and integration into the broader community.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University, 2012

    ‘In the urban realm, we create and transform the landscape, beyond the obvious, to create something memorable that enriches the quality of life in our cities.’


  • Jessie Hong LEED AP Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Jessie Hong is a landscape designer with 6 years experience. She is critical to RELM’s delivery of projects across several typologies: education, mixed-use, government, and resort. Her belief in designing for simplicity, durability, and ease of use guides her approach to landscape architecture. Jessie is facile in working across multiple project types and scales, using various technology platforms to render crafted landscapes. Her hand drawings are used regularly in RELM’s concept packages; they are artful and expressive.

    Jessie began her career working for EDSA designing high-end resorts, residential developments, and master planning projects throughout Latin America. An outdoor enthusiast, she snowboards, surfs, boulders, and runs triathlons. She also volunteers at the ACE Mentor Program, Woosley Fire Recovery with Mountain Recreation Trust, and Surfrider Foundation.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University, 2012

    Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and Historic Preservation, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, 2008

    ‘Design is not about making things perfect. I believe in keeping it simple yet significant. There is beauty in asymmetry, simplicity, austerity, and the appreciation of nature— I call this the Wabi Sabi of  landscape architecture. ‘

  • Matthew Tanicello Senior Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    A self-trained furniture builder with experience working construction, Matthew Tanicello brings an acute appreciation for craftsmanship and constructibility to landscape architecture. He is exceptionally talented with construction detailing, stewarding many of RELM’s projects through construction documentation. Commissions he has led in this capacity include the New Natural Resources Headquarters Building in Sacramento; Park and Market, UCSD’s downtown campus; Kaiser Irwindale, and 8th + Figueroa, a high-rise development in downtown Los Angeles. Increasingly, Matt is serving as Project Designer as well as a Project Manager. His internal contributions are equally distinguished; he authored RELM’s CAD Standards and leads monthly training sessions on documentation best practices.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Philadelphia University, 2013

    ‘People like to see designs for what they are--they don’t want to be fooled with faux materials or tricked with illusions.  Designs need to be true to their material and vegetated palette, as well as address functionality adeptly.’

  • Steve Blewett Living Systems Specialist LinkedIn

    A graduate of the University of California, Davis Landscape Architecture program, Steve provides expertise as our natural systems specialist. His command of Southern California native plant palettes and related habitat and irrigation strategies amplifies RELM’s commitment to increase urban nature across the Southland and beyond. Steve works integrally with designers in the visioning and execution of our landscapes, applying his knowledge from concept through construction administration. Prior to consulting for RELM, Steve worked for Brightview Design Group (formerly Valley Crest Design Group) and Studio MLA. Key projects include several components of The Orange County Great Park – the signature open space, the Sports Park, and several adjacent neighborhood parklets, Pavilion and Beacon Parks. His urban portfolio includes Ivy Station, Park and Market, the Natural Resources Headquarters, Ascot Elementary School, and Richards Boulevard Office Complex, DGS' new $5 billion commercial office district in Sacramento.

    Recognized for his expertise with botanical and ecological systems, Steve developed the Educational Native Plant and Butterfly Garden at Maya Angelou High School in Los Angeles in collaboration with California Greenworks.

    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Davis 2009

    'Every built landscape is an opportunity to tell the story of place. I look to express a site’s cultural landscape through ecology and form.'

  • Ruoyi Peng Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Ruoyi Peng is a graduate of Louisiana State University’s Master of Landscape Architecture program. Upon joining RELM, she has been critical in delivering a variety of projects including a 9-acre mixed-used development in Glendale, 3200 Foothill; transit studies for the VTA in Santa Clara County; along with a multitude of smaller projects where she contributed to the visualization and design documentation. Ruoyi is gifted in 3D visualization and is growing her design acumen working alongside senior designers.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2015

    Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture, Tongji University, 2012

    ‘Design is a magical experience. I feel fortunate to bring people into an environment, built out of creativity, that offers the public a wonderful experience.’


  • David Mauricio Urban Designer LinkedIn

    David Mauricio joins RELM after earning the highest distinction from Columbia University’s GSAPP program, the Lucille Smyer Lowenfish Memorial Prize, for the most outstanding portfolio of work in the urban design program. Formally trained in both architecture and urban design, David moved back to Los Angeles, his home city, to apply his skills in urban design, architecture, and landscape to large master planning and feasibility commissions.

    After Columbia, David worked at FXCollaborative on one of Governor Cuomo’s downtown redevelopment initiatives in Nassau County, Long Island—Westbury New York. There, he helped recommend urban strategies encompassing rezoning, transit, housing, commercial leasing, and streetscape improvements. David seeks to foster community and public benefit through his work, creating synergies between public and private investment and its relationship to infrastructure and the built and natural environment.


    Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, 2019
    Bachelor of Architecture, Woodbury University, 2018

    ‘Each place has its own narrative, its own unique culture, systems, and challenges. People are at the apex of these complex and colliding storylines centered around needs and desires. Urban design is about creating inclusive environments for today and for the future. Done well, it creates socially, economically, and environmentally resilient communities.’

  • Xinxin Shen Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Adeptly talented in visual representation, conceptual design, and construction documentation, Xinxin works alongside senior leaders to conceive and detail landscapes across a spectrum of project types. In a span of just two years, after graduating with Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, Xinxin has helped RELM win several notable competitions including the $4 billion, 5,000 employee, Richards Boulevard complex in Sacramento for the Department of Government Services along with two of LAUSD’s largest modernization efforts: Ascot Elementary and Elizabeth Learning Center. Her documentation and construction administration skills are equally an asset. Xinxin plays a critical role in the adaptive reuse of a William Pereria creative office campus in Downtown Glendale scheduled to open late 2020. There, drawing reference to the region’s foothills, a trio of programmed ovular-shaped nests create opportunities to gather, play, and dine and help connect downtown Glendale to the city’s larger open space network. From competition to field work, Xinxin’s design acumen and rigor make her a rising talent within the studio.

    Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, South China University of Technology, 2016

    ‘Designing landscapes in an urban context is like stage design. I look to create a proscenium for people to linger, for storylines unfold.’

  • Jarrad Newman Senior Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    As a passionate design innovator, Jarrad brings his design and planning experience to a range of complex and varied projects. Leveraging creative insights and methods from digital culture, historical analysis, mapping, programming, and drawing, Jarrad’s work embraces an open vision for creative practice. Prior to RELM, he played a substantial role in delivering projects for Stoss Landscape Urbanism including the Eda U Gerstacker Grove at the University of Michigan. In Australia, Jarrad worked in both the public and private sectors. He was the lead designer on a significant transportation infrastructure project at Hassell and for the City of Melbourne, working as an urban designer, Jarred worked on urban corridor initiatives.

    Bachelor of Design - Landscape Architecture (Hons. 1st Class) RMIT University, 2015
    Bachelor of Applied Science - Urban Planning (Hons. 1st Class) RMIT University, 2015

    ‘Design is about opening up new possibilities for connection, reflection, and experience in our cities, peeling back the layers of our daily lives to reveal the art and beauty of our shared world.’

  • Sarah Padilla Studio Manager LinkedIn

    Sarah Padilla, RELM’s Studio Manager, plays a vital role in the operations and culture at RELM. Graduating with honors, Sarah earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno. There, she wrote an undergraduate thesis investigating the relationship between reproduction and obesity and went on to teach human anatomy at UNR as an adjunct faculty member. Wanting more creative expression, Sarah pivoted careers applying her analytical skills to grow design practices. At RELM, she works as both studio manager and executive assistant. She comprehensively engages all facets of daily operations: employee onboarding, HR support, IT liaison, accounting liaison, as well as spearheads all studio culture events, from lunch and learns to office outings. Sarah’s fastidiousness and charisma elevate RELM’s operations and studio culture.


    Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Nevada, Reno, 2014

     'As a city dweller, I want landscapes to be functional and beautiful. Navigating the spaces between buildings in daily life reveals a hierarchy of needs users require to enjoy the public realm: utility begets community, and beauty distinguishes place. Successful landscapes must render both poetry and pragmatism.'


  • Joshua Stevens Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Awarded a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design, Joshua Stevens joins RELM to bolster the studio’s creative and graphic acumen. He adroitly renders compelling environments in digital and physical form alike, having earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. His technical skillset, coupled with his aptitude for narrative and metaphor, have earned Josh honorable distinction during his studies. He received the ASLA Certificate of Merit for Excellence Award and was featured in Platform 11, the GSD’s annual publication (2017-2018). At RELM, Josh supports leadership in visioning new landscape designs and actively explores the synthesis of sustainability, beauty, and wonder.


    Master of Landscape Architecture,Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2019
    Bachelor of Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis, 2017

     ‘Landscape Architecture’s ability to knit architecture, urban design, and planning imbues the profession with a unique opportunity to challenge power-structures and redistribute knowledge and agency. As the urban sphere grows increasingly complex, landscape’s embrace of both the physical and invisible makes it a powerful tool in acknowledging the multiplicity of worlds that exist.’

  • Yong Kim Associate Principal LinkedIn

    Guided by the ethos ‘design is a social responsibility,’ Yong Kim joins RELM with a diverse and skilled background in urban design and architecture alike. His command of complex urban redevelopment projects—and passion for hydrology, designing for water-rich and water-poor environments alike—have resulted in contributions to notable commissions including 6AM with Herzog & De Meuron, 670 Mesquit with BIG, and 5411W with KEATING while part of Studio MLA as well as numerous resiliency master plans while working at DLANDstudio in NYC. There, he helped lead the Gowanus Canal Sponge Park Master Plan and the MoMA exhibition, Rising Currents, with ARO. A Los Angeles native, Yong looks to adapt resilient infrastructure for arid environments while continuing his research through Harvard GSD, investigating best practice development strategies in the global context. Yong brings domestic and international experience to grow RELM’s master planning and urban design capabilities while playing a pivotal role in RELM’s operations. Yong earned his Master of Architecture in Urban Design at Harvard and undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design.


    Master in Architecture in Urban Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2007

    Bachelors in Architecture and Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, 2000