• Scott D. Baker PLA President LinkedIn

    Scott Baker is President of RELM. As a champion of urban landscapes, he has catalytically transformed the Southland with commissions at LAPD Headquarters, Santa Monica College, Long Beach Airport, and soon, UCSD’s downtown campus, Park and Market.  Scott’s fervent drive to cultivate urban life has earned him tremendous recognition.  He leads Metro’s largest TOD initiatives--Ivy Station, NOHO, and Expo/Crenshaw--masterful in transforming transit, mixed use, and urban nature into beloved landscapes.  His portfolio within the development world is equally distinguished.  This past summer, RELM opened three of city’s largest building projects: Wilshire Grand, Metropolis, and USC Village. Scott applies his sensibilities, strong in both urban design and landscape architecture, to projects of all scales and typologies including education, civic, transportation, and hospitality. He is a gifted public speaker and serves as RELM’s Managing Principal on projects.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph, 1995

     ‘Design isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you have to resist the purely creative process and allow public life to drive the urban form before you begin the creative process. You can’t just inherit a site and not question how things are connected.  I love the edges as much as I love the landscape.’


  • David Maestres Associate ASLA + AIA Principal LinkedIn

    David Maestres joins RELM as a Principal and Director of Design with an extensive background creating international public spaces.  Trained in architecture, David has shifted his focus to landscape architecture within the urban context, advocating a truly interdisciplinary approach to design.  David champions landscapes that invite clients, and their respective cities, to reimagine the interplay between planning, policy, ecology; optimal site performance, and public enjoyment.  David’s command of contemporary academic theory along with his business acumen have led to a distinguished career. Prior to RELM, he was instrumental in executing premiere commissions for Mia Lehrer + Associates and OLIN including the First and Broadway Park commission with OMA/IDEO and the winning submission for the LA Convention Center. As Director of Design, David looks to grow RELM’s expertise in 3D modeling, visual communications, and spatial design.  


    Master in Architecture with Distinction (MArch II), Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2002

    Professional Degree in Architecture, Universidad Simon Bolivar, 1997

    ‘Spatial and sensory experience are paramount for me. How people viscerally relate to the physical and natural environment is what drives me as a designer.’

  • E. Allan Spulecki RA PLA Principal LinkedIn

    Allan Spulecki is Principal and Director of Technical Design at RELM.   Trained and licensed in both architecture and landscape architecture, Allan is adept in elegantly resolving complex issues/systems to render some of the country’s most heralded public landscapes including Columbus Circle and the Washington Monument under Laurie Olin; the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden at the Getty Museum in West Los Angeles and Mill River Park, a career highlight.  There, he spearheaded the de-channelization of a stagnant and under-utilized urban river front in the heart of downtown Stamford, CT, yielding a welcoming, dynamic, and award winning 12-acre civic park.  Allan’s love of open space and riparian edges is as profound as they are for urban systems.  At RELM, Allan leads his own design projects while overseeing the technical design across all studio commissions.


    Master in Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1995

    Master in Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1994

    Bachelor of Architecture, Catholic University, Washington D.C. 1986

    ‘Los Angeles is at a pivotal moment in its history were ecology, water, density, open space, and multi-modal transit are forcing a new paradigm of systems and application.  I look forward to applying my rich experience in the evolution of this great city.’


  • Valorie Born Affiliate ASLA Communications and Strategy Consultant LinkedIn

    Valorie plays a dual role at RELM.  She leads the studio’s communications initiatives, be they marketing pursuits, specialty communications, or visual storytelling for project deliverables.  She also works alongside RELM’s senior leadership to curate brand strategy.  Drawing upon her fifteen year tenure securing commissions for leading A/E studios worldwide, she works directly with President Scott Baker to grow influence. She helps define client strategy and outreach, develops key messaging, and guides professional development for all staff.  She authored RELM’s identity and enjoys playing a strategic role within the studio culture.


    Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin, 1997

    ‘Even timeless designs have a point of view.  Brands—and their leaders—need to give voice to their point of view to succeed.’

  • Luning Li Senior Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Luning (Luna) Li is an emerging leader at RELM.  Adeptly facile in concept ideation and project documentation, Luna assists design principals in the realization of significant landscape projects throughout all stages.  She leads junior staff in the creation of deliverables and interfaces with clients directly.

    Prior to RELM, Luna worked for OLIN and AECOM helping earn national design awards including a 2017 AIA Regional and Urban Design Award for 30th Street Station Master Plan (Philadelphia) and another for Wolong Lake Waterfront Park in Shanghai in 2015. Luning is fluent designing across scale and typology, utilizing multiple 2D-3D design and animation software programs, and renders beautiful hand drawings.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Southern California 2012

    Bachelor of Art, Environmental Art & Design, Tsinghua University 2010

    ‘Landscape architecture comprehensively improves urban life. It resolves many key questions related to mobility and settlement; anchors people to place by creating destinations; and ultimately uplifts the social energy of urban centers.  Landscape is the life line to how we live.’

  • Chad Krenzke Senior Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Chad is a senior landscape designer who joined RELM in 2012, specializing in design and project management. During his tenure at RELM, he has worked on a wide range of typologies including academic campuses, mixed-use developments, urban streetscapes, and public open space.  While facile in concept design and documentation, Chad’s passions lay in project management, stewarding many of RELM’s largest private developments, notably Ivy Station, a 5.2 acre mixed-use transit-oriented development adjacent to the Expo Line station in Culver City.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University, 2012

    ‘In the urban realm, we create and transform the landscape, beyond the obvious, to create something memorable that enriches the quality of life in our cities.’


  • Bio

    David joins RELM with a distinguished resume realizing decorated urban landscapes across the country: Tongva Park, Navy Pier, and Fresh Kills--a 2,200 acre reclaimed waterfront park in Staten Island.  Trained in regional planning and architecture, David applies both site and planning frameworks to his work.  These micro and macro lenses ensure social, ecological, visual, and experiential impact. He specializes in project documentation and leads project engagements, interfacing with clients and managing staff.  Prior to joining RELM, David worked for James Corner Field Operations and SWA.

    Master of Architecture, University of Toronto, 2007
    Bachelor of Regional Planning, Missouri State University, 2001

    'For me, it’s all about people’s daily experience.  Seeing the public activate a landscape brings me tremendous satisfaction.  I take great pride in crafting well executed open space, both formally and in construction.  But when scores of people immerse themselves in a landscape—playing, conversing, reading—I realize the most gratification.  Open space is for everyday living.'

  • Ju Liu Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Ju Liu is interested in design communication medias.  Facile in watercolor, clay modeling, diagram studies as well as Rhino and Grasshopper digital modeling, Ju aids design teams in conveying a project’s aesthetic vision.  Her goal is to convey a full sensory experience—illustrating what visitors might smell, touch, and see as they move through a site. Upon joining RELM, Ju has assisted in the development two large mixed-use projects: Paseo Marina in Marina Del Ray in Los Angeles and Park + Mark, a residential mixed-used project in San Diego. 


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2014

    Bachelor of Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2011

     ‘Relationships between objects are stronger than the objects themselves. For me, design is about exploring such relationships, best reconfiguring a site's typology and design drivers into a beautiful relationship.’



  • Jessie Hong LEED AP Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Jessie Hong joins RELM as a landscape designer with 4 years of domestic and international experience.  She serves as project designer working for institutional and developer clients alike, most recently with Kaiser Permanente in Irwindale and Crescent Heights, where she is helping lead RELM’s team collaborating with Rafael Viñoly’s office on One Grant Park, a 76-story residential tower at the South End of Chicago’s Grant Park. Jessie began her career at EDSA where she designed high-end resorts, residential developments, and master planning projects throughout Latin America. Her belief in designing for simplicity, durability, and ease of use guides her practice along with her avid love for outdoor sports— snowboarding, surfing, bouldering, and triathlons. Jessie also spends her off work time contribute to the ACE Mentor Program as a mentor. 


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University, 2012

    Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and Historic Preservation, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, 2008

    ‘Design is not about making things perfect. I believe in keeping it simple yet significant. There is beauty in asymmetry, simplicity, austerity, and the appreciation of nature— I call this the Wabi Sabi of  landscape architecture. ‘

  • Steve Blewett Living Systems Specialist LinkedIn

    A graduate of the University of California, Davis Landscape Architecture program, Steve joins RELM as our natural systems specialist.  His command of Southern California native plant palettes and related habitat and irrigation strategies amplifies RELM’s commitment to increase urban nature across the Southland and beyond.  Steve works integrally with designers in the visioning and execution of our landscapes, applying his knowledge from concept through construction administration.  Prior to consulting for RELM, Steve worked for Brightview (formerly Valley Crest Design Group) and Mia Leher & Associates.  Key projects include several components of The Orange County Great Park – the signature open space, the Sports Park, and several adjacent neighborhood parklettes, Pavilion and Beacon Parks. His urban portfolio includes Ivy Station, Park and Market, P Street Design Competition, Cal Plaza and the new LA Ram Stadium.

    Recognized for his expertise with botanical and ecological systems, Steve developed the Educational Native Plant and Butterfly Garden at Maya Angelou High School in Los Angeles in collaboration with California Greenworks.

    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Davis 2009

    'Every built landscape is an opportunity to tell the story of place. I look to express a site’s cultural landscape through ecology and form.'

  • John Harper Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    John joins RELM with a ten-year background designing complex transit oriented and infrastructure projects across Australia and China.  He brings this global understanding of urbanization and density to RELM’s studio and is quickly leading many of our largest development projects: NOHO Square; a competition entry for the Port of Los Angeles; and an extensive intervention at Amgen’s corporate campus in Thousand Oaks. John is a gifted communicator and puts people at the center of all his work, harnessing the belief that the built environment can improve health and happiness.


    Masters of Social Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2009

    Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2007

    Registered Landscape Architect in Australia.

    ‘Landscape Architecture is not an accidental career, to be good at what we do we must care deeply about the environment and the people who inhabit it. I fight for every inch of open space, and for every tree.’


  • Tatiana Sao Chan Cheong Junior Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Tatiana brings rich personal and professional diversity to RELM’s team.  Raised in Tahiti, schooled in Europe, and experienced in both architecture and landscape architecture (in Belgium and New York), Tatiana brings a worldly view in how to inventively co-mingle buildings with the ground plane.  Her understanding of natural systems coupled with her cultural sensitivity make her a wonderful addition to RELM’s urban design practice, creating dynamic, beloved open space for all demographics.  Working for W Architects in New York, Tatiana collaborated on several park projects including River Walk Park Pavilion in Calgary and the St. Petersburg Pier competition in Florida.  In Brussels, while working for Arter, she designed a spectrum of commission-types ranging from architecture, open space, to site furnishings, among them Quai Meudon Skate Park and XL for People.


    "Architecture and Landscape Architecture are the result of shared ideas, cultural exchanges, and purpose.  They reflect human aspiration and creativity.  Site context gives voices to how design should be realized, not discipline.”

  • Matthew Tanicello Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Matthew Tanciello brings a nuanced understanding to design. A self-trained furniture builder with experience working construction, Matthew brings an acute appreciation for craftsmanship to landscape design. He intuitively understands the assembly of construction details and how the ground plane must gracefully activate the built environment. He has practiced in Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles. At RELM, he is actively improving CAD standards and working across project teams to ensure quality construction document sets. Outside of work, Matthew is an avid roadsman, riding his BMX, his motorcycle or road biking on the ever-growing bicycle infrastructure in LA.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Philadelphia University, 2013

    ‘People like to see designs for what they are--they don’t want to be fooled with faux materials or tricked with illusions.  Designs need to be true to their material and vegetated palette, as well as address functionality adeptly.’

  • Ruoyi Peng Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Ruoyi Peng is a landscape designer at RELM who has contributed to both planning and design projects. Her knowledge of urban systems and spatial design is well recognized within the studio. She is versant across multiple typologies including open space, mixed use, urban infill and healthcare.  Prior to joining RELM, she worked for a landscape architecture firm in Naples, Florida in addition to an architectural design and research firm in Shanghai.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2015

    Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture, Tongji University, 2012

    ‘Design is a magical experience. I feel fortunate to bring people into an enviroment, built out of creativity, that offers the public a wonderful experience.’


  • Yixun Zhang Landscape Designer LinkedIn

    Yixun Zhang is a landscape designer at RELM. Trained in both urban planning and landscape architecture, Yixun believes that urban context and site-specificity, forces that are both harmonious and antagonist to each other, create the best landscapes when artistically reconciled.  These public realms improve walkability, connectivity, sustainability, and urban identity. Facile in 3D modeling, Yixun is helping to advance RELM’s design process and visual communications and representation.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University, 2015

    Certificate in Sustainable Urbanism, Texas A&M University, 2015

    Bachelor of Urban Planning, Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction, 2012

    ‘Successful landscapes are comfortable and attractive for residents and visitors alike. They represent the spirit of a city and reflect the wisdom of people living there.’


  • Marsha Wong Accountant LinkedIn

    Marsha Wong’s commitment to help clients realize vision through financial performance is formidable. Versant in both corporate and project accounting, Marsha is masterful in visually communicating data to help grow creative and non-profit practices.  She joins RELM with eight years experience, previously managing departments of up to five staff.  At RELM, she works directly with President Scott Baker to create reporting tools that accurately analyze and direct how to best fund the studio’s growth.  Marsha’s love of design began with her parents, both architects, whom fostered her love of travel, dance, food, and appreciation of intricate ceilings (a hallmark of her time growing up in Indonesia).


    Bachelors of Accounting Azusa Pacific University, 2010

    ‘I enjoy the power of numbers and how details, large and small, influence scenarios. There is something so satisfying about having things balanced and well organized.’

  • Mirtha Martinez Studio Coordinator LinkedIn

    As studio coordinator, Mirtha Martinez oversees RELM’s daily operations. She works alongside senior leaders helping execute tasks pertaining to operations, finance, and studio culture. She is trained in design and is passionate about landscape architecture.  Mirtha holds a Bachelor in Architecture from the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela. There, she researched the evolution of landscape practices in urban cultures, specifically comparing Occidental and Oriental cultures.  She has juried design classes at Iowa State University, California State University in Pomona, and the University of Southern California. Mirtha brings her passion and understanding of design process to her management of studio operations.

    ‘For me, landscape architecture is a fertile soil for new ideas, creative tendencies, and innovative concepts.  The discipline fosters better ways to live, coexist, and relate with our immediate environment.’