Urbanity, Transit, and Much Needed Open Space

September 28, 2016

Transit, undeniably, is transforming the way LA looks and moves.  Public life in Los Angeles is increasingly being experienced in urban clusters around light rail, more continuously connecting users to home, work, and respite.  Meléndrez is pleased have designed two marquee projects, each at different stages of completion, that weave existing stand-alone rail stations into the urban fabric.  In Chinatown, Blossom Plaza links the elevated Gold Line to Broadway through an urban passageway, to create a festive, new public space surrounded by retail.  Anchored by a civic square which receives visitors in small numbers or large groups for festivals equally, Blossom Plaza is a great example of private development’s role in building a more compelling public realm.  It opened officially mid-September and is expected to be a catalyst in Chinatown’s neighborhood diversification. Ivy Station, in contrast, will serve more as a neighborhood living room for Culver City residents and commuters when complete.  Nearly two acres of landscaped public open space anchors 500,000 square feet of hotel, luxury residential, retail and creative office to form a vibrant urban transit park.  Developed through a public private partnership, Ivy Station will be one of the most integrated and mixed- use TOD projects in Southern California when completed in 2018.

Blossom Plaza



Ivy Station